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What is EMSconnect?
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EMSconnect is a nationally approved online educational resource for all levels of pre-hospital providers. Topics are presented online each month by emergency physicians and subspecialists. Each topic is presented in an informal manner that is both highly educational and highly entertaining. Attendees participate from home, or anywhere else in the world, with internet service. LIVE monthly sessions, which are hosted by emergency physician EMS advisors, allow our members to pose their questions, interesting cases, and EKGs to providers with real-time interaction and discussion.
What is an EMSconnect session like?
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We call it "unprofessionally professional." That means we have a lot of fun, and so will you. Our goal during each session is to provide excellent education while also keeping you entertained and engaged. This is adult education and children should not be participating. Graphic images and content is common, but that’s part of the fun right? Our live sessions are FOR YOU. This is your time to ask live anonymous questions about anything EMS related. You can even send in your interesting EKGs or cases to have our EMS physician advisors review and discuss online.
What if I cannot attend the live session?
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No worries. All topic sessions are recorded and uploaded to our online archive and available to all members 24/7 from anywhere in the world with internet service. Those attending the live sessions will have access to extra credit hours and the opportunity to win monthly prizes.
How many hours of CME per month?
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Over 2 hours of ongoing education are available each month, with up to 3 years of content always available in the archive for extra CME if needed. Extra education hours are also available to those who want to complete more advanced critical care EMS education. We offer more than enough to stay current with your requirements.
Can I get approved CME/OTEP?
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Absolutely! After viewing the presentation, you can access the online quiz and print/save your customized certificate of completion. EMSconnect is an organizationally approved member of CAPCE and all of our educational materials can be used for your ongoing educational needs. Check with your county or state EMS department for other state requirements, but our educational curriculum meets nearly all state ongoing education requirements.
What equipment is needed?
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All services we offer, including live webinar participation, archive viewing, and online testing can be done on a mobile device, tablet, or computer. All you need is internet service. You can stay current on your education from home, office, or on the road.
What makes EMSconnect so special?
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Each session is hosted by a board-certified emergency physician who specializes in EMS advising and education. Our guest presenters are highly educated subspecialists and have included EMS physician directors, county medical program directors, neurologists, urologists, pharmacists, and sports medicine providers (to name just a few). Through our online environment, we can bring you experts on the topic and allow for live interactions and questions to the presenter(s). Each live session also includes interactive fun quizzes and monthly prizes are awarded.

Hey, agency leaders, your job gets a lot easier too. We have built our online environment with you in mind. You can now track your crew’s success through online customizable reports. Our online skills tracker is also a convenient way to ensure you are staying up to date on agency skills tracking. Gone are the days when you have to call or email your crew members to see if they completed their ongoing education. You are now in control. You’re welcome!
Who can participate?
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EMSconnect is open to ALL levels of pre-hospital care. Topics will be tailored to rural EMS agencies at the basic and intermediate levels, but will include information essential to even those at the paramedic level. We have many paramedics who participate and find the education to be far better than what they've been using in the past…and more affordable. Separate monthly testing is tailored to both BLS and ALS providers and is training level appropriate.
How am I billed?
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Individual accounts are automatically billed electronically. Agency accounts are invoiced monthly and only charged for your current member roster. Agency payments can be made electronically, by credit card, or by mailed check.
How do I terminate service?
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We highly doubt this will occur once your try us out, but a simple email with the subject "TERMINATE" will end all services, including access to archived webinars and quiz materials. For agency accounts, this email will need to come from the designated agency leader. We are emergency providers too and hate gimmicks. There are no contracts or obligations and no cancellation fees.
What if I can't login?
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If you have an individual account, click on the “forgot password” option. Follow the prompts but remember that both your username and password are CASE SENSITIVE. Any errors will result in difficulty logging in. If you are part of an agency, ask your training supervisor if you are still on their online roster and marked "active." If your agency account is left unpaid for too long, their member access may be temporarily suspended until the account payments are up to date. If all else fails, email us at accounts@emsconnect.org.
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