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Below is a list of the current subjects covered in EMSconnect's online training courses. Click the button below to download the PDF version.

Each session is live with ER physicians who specialize in EMS advising and education. Our educators are "professionally unprofessional" and have a goal of showing you a good time while providing quality education.
Example Courses:
Gory Gory Hallelujah!
Boulders, Balls, and Boo Boos
Knights of the EMS Round Table
Topics include the most up to date information so you and your colleagues are the best possible providers. Patient care is an ever-changing world. Don't be stuck in the mud with outdated information and protocols.
Example Courses:
The Drop on Acid-Base Relationships
Capnography, What the hell is it?
The Dope Show
Every month, providers will enjoy an interactive fun quiz during our live session. They can also ask questions in real time. Whether it's one of our real-life MegaCodes or a case review, listeners are pulled into the conversation and encouraged to participate.
Example Courses:
Becoming a Master Jedi
Pour Some Sugar On Me